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New uIceBlue2 released

The upgrade of uIceBlue Bluetooth module, uIceBlue2, has been released by WirelessEmbedded. This new version of the award winning PIC based Bluetooth module is featured with a PIC18F4550 USB microcontroller from Microchip. Now uIceBlue2 allows simultaneous USB and Bluetooth communications, and firmware programming with no need of external programming tools thanks to its USB micro connector and the bootloader included in the PIC micro from factory.

There is a free Windows application for firmware programming available a WirelessEmbedded website for registered customers

New Bluetooth module for remote control applications

WirelessEmbedded has released the BTSwitch module. A Bluetooth based module that allows to remotely control the state of four Relay switches with a simple ASCII commands interface.

Aside of the module itself, several accessories are also available at the shop like a wall mount enclosure and Symbian S60 example code to implement mobile-based remote control applications.

Developer Kits will be available soon

WirelessEmbedded prodcuts are targeted to the embedded applications developers market. Our goal is to shorten development cycles of Bluetooth based products and solutions providing valuable and effective tools and fast technical support.

With this objective in mind, WirelessEmbedded will include developer kits for uIceBlue2 and BTSwitch in the product portfolio, which will enable the developers with a single Bluetooth development tool for a broad range of applications.

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