Wireless Embedded Applications


The continuous optimization and tuning of industrial processes require intensive monitoring of relevant parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity, energy consumption, to mention just a few examples.

Nevertheless, this is not often simple. To sense those magnitudes in harsh environments might become a complex task when it involves aspects like EMC/EMI, chemically aggressive environments or reduced space for cabling.

Bluetooth based sensor Networks may help to counteract those hurdles proposing clean seamless wireless connectivity to allow remote monitoring of parameters in spots with difficult access or where standard cabling is not allowed.


Ambient intelligence deals with the possibility of having an environment reacting to people presence and their specific profiles and preferences. It is more than domotics or pure automation of processes like locking/unlocking doors or climate control. Within ambient intelligence, a new paradigm of interaction with surroundings appears, powered by handheld devices like mobile phones and recent advances in wireless connectivity.

WirelessEmbedded products line allows Bluetooth connectivity not only among them but also with Bluetooth-featured mobile phones, PDAs and laptops enabling a new full range of customer applications like personalized marketing, indoor navigation assistance, enhanced access control and safety, etc.


In modern product transport and logistics, extreme control on expedition conditions is required to meet the highest quality standards. During the long trip of a cargo container, extreme changes in environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, …) may occur, together with falls, impacts and even contamination.

WirelessEmbedded technology enables a new generation of Bluetooth wireless logging systems to help the handlers in getting a clear picture about the travel history, in order to better report incidences and content condition at arrival. Such feedback should impact directly in the improvement of the handling and transport processes.


Early detection is the best countermeasure when it deals with environmental catastrophes like fires, floods or contamination.

WirelessEmbedded enables the deployment of autonomous wireless sensing devices to continuously monitoring and log environmental parameters on open areas like natural parks or crop fields. Farms can be remotely monitored to early detect risks of flood, frost, etc that might compromise the entire harvest.


Many people have to face daily situations of isolation in many degrees. Personnel working in vast open sky exploitations like mines or farms, law enforcement and security personnel during patrols or even dependent people alone at home or walking at the town park are just a few examples.

Combining Bluetooth based sensor devices with mobile phones connectivity capabilities, a new range of personal monitoring applications arise. From workers in isolation conditions to dependent people, a huge range of users could benefit of being remotely tracked in both their physical status and their geographical location combining this technology with GPS.

Traingrid is a complete technology developed by emxys for personal monitoring, based in intelligent clothes and Bluetooth technology. It represents a success case for such application.


Today, telemedicine is a must in most developed countries. The tendency is to extend the clinical cares at home where patients show higher recovery rates and shorter convalescences.

WirelessEmbedded technology enables a new range of wireless medical devices that should improve the usability and comfort of patients being monitored.

Parameters like Electrocardiogram, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate can be transmitted wirelessly to a base station for further clinical analysis, enabling longer monitoring sessions and better vigilance of chronic patients.

Traingrid is a complete biomedical monitoring system developed by emxys over Bluetooth technology. It combines a complete set of body sensors (including ECG and temperature) with a Bluetooth transmitter to ease the implementation of complete wireless healthcare applications.

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